Chinese Medicine is a thorough, medically-based, clinically proven treatment system that focuses on correcting energy imbalances in the body. Dating back to over 5,000 years ago, with a written clinical history for over 2,500 years. It is used to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Because of its ability to improve overall well-being, it is a powerful and empowering remedy for the modern lifestyle. 

Your session may include:

Acupuncture - A technique of stimulating specific acupuncture points on the body by inserting thin, tiny, needles through the skin. The World Health Organization (WHO) sites acupuncture as a proven effective therapy for over 30 health conditions; including back pain, headache, allergic rhinitis, morning sickness, malposition of the fetus, post stroke rehabilitation, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder pain, post operative pain, depression, menstrual disorders, and more.  

Moxabustion - Using the Herb mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and warming it on specific acupuncture points and over larger areas of the body to enhance healing. Moxabustion treats strains and sprains, strengthen tissues and organs, and ease constriction. It tonifies the qi and nourishes the blood. It is a powerful and relaxing way to bring healing to areas of pain and stagnation, as well as strengthening areas that feel weak. 

Cupping - Works by drawing stagnation and toxins to the surface through suction and negative pressure, allowing the body to clear inflammation, tension, and pain. While it feels fabulous for persistent muscle pain and tightness, it's an old world treatment for pneumonia as it can even draw inflammation and congestion from the lungs and more. It is a favorite for those suffering from sinus congestion as well since it enhances circulation and draw inflammation with stubborn sinusitis.

Gua Sha - By stimulating the tissues using gua sha tools made of rose quartz, and jade stone we gently work to Improve circulation, enhance the immune system, and release tension in areas where massage is proving to be insufficient. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that is helpful for relieving pain and stiffness.

What to Expect

First Session (90 minutes, up to 2 hours)
Your first session is a private, comprehensive intake that reviews your current needs and health history. Your practitioner will take the time to get to know you and create a list of goals ensure we maximize your sessions.

You will spend part of your first session talking with your practitioner then receive an acupuncture treatment that may include cupping, gua sha, massage,  and moxibustion. We will also discuss herbal, lifestyle and diet recommendations.

Your comfort is priority.

Follow-Up Sessions (60 minutes)
After a brief check-in, you will spend most of your session receiving treatment. In our style of acupuncture, the practitioner is with you in your private room providing treatment for the majority of the appointment, with a period of time alone to allow you quiet inquiry, further calm the mind, and reconnect to your body. 

Our heart-centered approach facilitates connection and healing. Many of our clients share that they wish the session would never end. We’re sure that’s a good sign. Deep healing can occur when we can tap into our more peaceful self, nurtured by your practitioner, as the needles nudge our ability to heal from within.


Studies have shown patients the numerous benefits of receiving regular acupuncture treatment.

My patients often share that they experience:

  • Enhanced sense of well-being
  • Less stress (especially following treatment)
  • Fewer symptoms
  • More stable moods
  • Better resilience
  • Stronger immunity
  • More peaceful feelings
  • More energy
  • More clear-headedness
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased fertility

Acupuncture can be supportive when you are under great demands, such as when you are facing the loss of a loved one, a move, or a divorce. Acupuncture helps us feel centered and positive during challenging times. It can also ease symptoms related to cancer and cancer treatment.

Acupuncture can help us achieve goals such as losing weight, starting a new job, quitting smoking, training for a special event, beginning a new sport or returning to school.

Getting the Most from Your Acupuncture

As part of your treatment, you will be empowered with diet, herbs and lifestyle adjustments that support your well-being. The more consistent you are with your healthy practices, the more effective acupuncture can be. Acupuncture is not a magic bullet that makes up for unhealthy daily choices. But once patients see how well they feel with treatment and self-care, most are eager to make well-being a priority.

Important Information About Prescription Medications

Acupuncture can prevent the dependence on or reduce the dosage of current medications you are taking or the future need for medication — improving health while potentially saving you money. I do not recommend that you stop taking your medications, but you may notice their potency increases with acupuncture treatment. It’s important that you work with your physician to monitor your dosage levels. You and your doctor will make all decisions regarding changing or stopping medications.