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As someone who enjoys being active, going to the gym, yoga, and playing tennis, my lower back was pushed to the limits. Acupuncture helped heal my body and allowed me to continue what I love to do. To my surprise, not only was I feeling physically better, my mental and spiritual levels also improved. Dietary habits began to shift, stress became more manageable, sleep improved, my inner awareness heightened, and I actually found myself smiling and laughing more.

After experiencing the impact acupuncture treatments had on my overall well being, I decided that the path of helping others was one that I wanted to follow. I left my management job of 12 years and enrolled in graduate school. 

My practice is shaped by treating each person as a whole and seeing them in health, not just treating their symptoms. Treatments are tailored to the individual along with exploring habits, diet, emotions, and life events to understand how they influence a person’s discomfort, illness, or dis-ease. It is important that each person is listened to and feels comfortable in communicating their needs. 

My training includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the College of Charleston and a Masters degree in Acupuncture from the Academy of Five Element Acupuncture. I have training in facial rejuvenation, and an additional two years of study in Chinese herbs.