If you are struggling to conceive or carry a baby full-term, you likely need additional emotional and physical support. Chinese Medicine helps your reproductive organs function optimally through acupuncture, diet and herbal medicine. And it reduces the stress that often accompanies the fertility journey.

In Chinese Medicine, your reproductive organs are secondary organs and may not function fully unless the health and well-being of your essential organs is ideal. You need to be so full of health that there is enough energy and blood overflowing to these secondary organs.

Today's women are exposed to synthetic hormones, poor daily rhythms, unhealthy diets, constant stress and more. Many of us spend years shutting down our reproductive systems with birth control pills. Then we want them to wake back up as we age and approach our fertile decline.

The determination and discipline that helped you excel in school and achieve professional success could be hindering fertility. Your accomplishments consumed a lot of your energy and caused you to miss sleep, not eat well and not take care of yourself. We may feel mad at our body when it struggles to be fertile. But fertility challenges are a signal that our body needs extra attention. Your health needs to be restored. You need TLC!

Western medicine diagnoses such as endometriosis, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, high FSH or low progesterone point to various imbalances in the body. Chinese Medicine can address them and increase your success of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Many of my clients are receiving traditional medical help and worry that acupuncture will counteract it. In reality, the two approaches compliment each other and can maximize success in conceiving and maintaining pregnancy.

Being able to conceive is an act of receptivity that requires nurturing and self-care. This is particularly challenging in our culture where we are rewarded for over-working, skipping meals, and excessive exercise. We will help awaken the reproductive organs by getting YOU healthy! Each patient is unique, but our approach is to ask three months of regular treatments, herbs, diet changes based on your unique constitution and infertility diagnosis (if you have one). This will help restore balance and improve your fertility.